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Backcountry Fishing Key West, Florida

Key West
Backcountry Fishing

Enjoy fishing the beautiful backcountry waters of Key West on board our comfortable bay boats that can fish 4 or less people.

Go fishing for; tarpon, sharks, permit, barracudas, trout, redfish, pompano, jacks, snappers, and whatever is running with our fun professional fishing guides. Using light tackle or fly fishing gear. Instruction always available.

  Backcountry Fishing Key West, Florida
Backcountry fishing is fast becoming the most popular way to go fishing in key west, Florida.

Key West is in a unique place for backcountry fishing. We have the wide open Gulf of Mexico to our North, the expanse of the Lakes passage and the Marquesas Keys to our West and the ever changing waters of the Atlantic Ocean to our South. We are surrounded by fishing opportunities abound.

With this much water around Key West the islands and shallows of the backcountry are always being refreshed, cooled, warmed and rejuvenated. Fed with loads of baitifish in every tide. marine life is all over the place and looking for a meal. A full day of backcountry fishing here in Key West and you will see more things that you could ever imagine in a day of fishing.

Key West Backcountry Fishing Charters

Departing out of Key West we have 4, 6, and 8 hour charters aboard state of the art bay fishing boats that offer the room and convenience to fish up to 4 anglers effortlessly. Fish for many different species of fish in the shallows of the Key West backcountry. Our professional fishing guides will show you a great day on the water of catching fish and having fun.

To book a charter with our guides just call our office and speak to "Island Genn". She will hook you up with one of our pro guides for you days in Key West.



  Backcountry Fishing Key West   backcountry fishing key west   backcountry Fishing Key West  

What's the Draw to Backcountry fishing?

Out of Key West it is versatility, Our bay boats are capable of going anywhere and doing anything (wether permitting). The longer the fishing trip the more our anglers will see on a day of backcountry fishing out of Key West. Sea sickness is no concern as the water is always calm and clear.

The All In Wonder inshore fishing charter is becoming the most popular fishing trip in Key West. This is a backcountry fishing charter that offers shallow wrecks, flats fishing, tarpon, sharks, and the Marquesas Keys in one day. Anglers can also add snorkeling to their day for no extra charge.

The Fish of the backcountry

Backcountry fishing in Key West anglers can expect to have more shots at; Tarpon almost year round, permit, numerous bonefish, loads of ladyfish, bluefish and jack crevalles in the cooler months. Our fishery never takes a break there is always somthing going on.

Our backcountry fishing guides have it all.

State of the art shallow water Bay boats made by Yellowfin, Pathfinder and Action Craft that can take you to where the fish are fast, safe and comfortable. Some boats even have bathrooms on board.

You will find nothing but the best in equipment and gear at Bamboo Fishing Charters in Islamorada. New line always, and equipment to meet the task at hand for whatever your day provides.

What is included.

The Key West backcountry fishing charters include the following items; Bottled water, ice, fishing gear, tackle, bait, lures, licenses, and patient instruction.


What should we bring and wear

Travel light and cover up. The boats have dry storage for personal items such as cameras, wallets, purses and dry bags. Dont forget to bring; camera, food, beverages (besides botteled waters), sunscreen.

Clothing should be light colored and long sleeves are reccomended for those lighter skinned or sun sensitive. Hats and polarized glasses. Many captains will not allow dark soled or hard soled shoes on their boats. Crocs are considered dangerous by some and not welcomed. Tennis shoes, heeled sandals, and boat shoes are welcomed. Flip flops ok, but not reccomended.

Key West backcountry fishing rates

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Who are we?

The Keys To Key West Inc. We pioneered finding a fishing charter on the internet in Key West. We are currently the largest outfitter for fishing charters in the Florida Keys and Key West. It has been our business to bring anglers and fishing guides together since 1998 custom tailoring fishing charters for visiting anglers from Key Largo To Key West. .

We help each client personally find a fishing charter, accommodations and whatever else they will need here during their stay in Key West.

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