Florida Keys and Key West Fishing
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Key Largo Fishing

Key Largo offers outstanding fishing opportunities on both sides of the island. The Atlantic waters are just plain fishy from knee deep at the shoreline to the inky blue depths found just offshore. A short boat ride out into the Florida Bay side of Key Largo and you are in a whole new world of excellent angling possibilities. The fish are plentiful and looking for a fight!

  Florida keys and Key West Fishing

Key Largo Fishing is amazing. Explore it all right here with us. Our fishing guides and charters are all professionals.


A Little about Key Largo

Key Largo is the first Key in the chain of islands that make up the Florida Keys. Long considered the "Dive Capital of the World"

Yes Key Largo is known world wide for its superb diving conditions, but think about it and ask yourself "Why?" The answer is easy, Key Largo has some of the most prolific reefs to be found anywhere in the world and the Gulf Stream passes very close to shore.

This reef is home to millions of fish and acts as barrier to the shallow waters and flats that lay just behind the reef line. Huge grass meadows are an important link in the life cycle of the very fish that we pursue daily. The Gulf Stream bathes Key Largo with warm nutrient rich waters and is home to so many game fish that are so valuable to our fishery. This all makes for great diving and it is the reason why Key Largo has great fishing.

Key Largo: Fishing's Best Kept Secret!

Fishing takes a back seat to Diving in Key Largo and for those who do fish here that's okay! Less pressure means easier fishing. Expansive flats are yours for the day with little or no outside pressure and the offshore hotspots seldom look like a parking lot for boats. The backcountry waters are a maze of waterways and mangrove islands that make for phenomenal flats fishing and the open basins and creeks hold vast species of fish for backcountry fishing. Just like in real estate, fishing is all about location, location, location! Whether you are Bluewater minded or leaning towards the Backcountry, Key Largo's great fishing awaits you!

Flats fishing in Key Largo takes place on both sides of the Rock, Key Largo that is, the oceanside flats hold bonefish, tarpon and permit. And for those who know the fun to be had in fighting barracuda and sharks the Key Largo flats hold all of these great fighting fish. Flats fishing can be done with fly or spinning gear and takes place from smaller 16 to 19 foot poling skiffs. Two anglers and a guide will stalk fish in waist deep to ankle deep water that sometimes resembles a huge lake of vodka and yes a day of flats fishing in Key Largo can be intoxicating!

Backcountry fishing in Key Largo takes place on Florida Bay and mostly within the boundaries of the Everglades National Park. Water depths here average 3 feet with the deeper waters being around 8 feet deep. This shallow marine estuary is such a vast expanse of water that it can take years of exploration for area guides to learn all the ins and outs of this fishery. Thankfully there are many dedicated guides who know these waters like the back of their hand and love showing off these waters to their guests. Redfish, snook, snapper, sea trout, tarpon had sharks await anyone looking for a fight. Other hard fighting fish call the Everglades home too and the bird life and chance to see manatee and dolphin is always there. Many Key Largo guides have made the switch to Bay Boats for backcountry fishing. a bay boat runs from 20 to 25 feet in length and can carry 4 fishermen along with a guide. These shallow drafting boats offer a fast, stable, safe and dry fishing platform for exploring the backcountry waters of the Everglades. Combine the shallow and sheltered waters of the Everglades with the comfort and safety of these larger bay boats and you end up with a great day on the water.

Places To stay And Eat

Accommodations in Key Largo are easy. There are plenty of choices and lots of help from our friendly staff. We have resorts, mom and pops, and small quaint on the water motels with lots of charm.

There are many eateries in Key Largo. Give us a call for our complete list of our top five favorites. We will steer you away from the bad spots. 1-888-477-4188

Types Of Fishing We Offer
Deep Sea Fishing Key Largo Deep Sea Fishing Key Largo
The sport fishing fleet is at your finger tips for blue water trolling and reef fishing here in the Florida Keys. Boats Cary 6 or less.
Backcountry Fishing Key Largo, Florida Backcountry Fishing Key Largo
Go Fishing in the shallows of the Florida Keys backcountry waters. Easy going and fun this is the most popular fishing trip in the Florida Keys.
Flats Fishing Flats Fishing Key Largo
Sight fishing with spin gear or fly rod, your choice. This technical fishing trip will take you to your hunting limits.
Wreck and Reef fishing Wreck and Reef Light Tackle Fishing

Versatile fishing charter that pushes the limits on sport fishing. Go fast center console boats take you to where the fish are.

Fun Fishing Fun Fishing Key Largo
Get the whole group involved. Fun fishing is all about FUN! Catch whatever is biting big or small and have a blast.
Tarpon Fishing Tarpon Fishing Key Largo
Fish for tarpon out of Key Largo, Florida with the professional tarpon fishing guides. Early morning, day, evening and night trips are available.
Bonefishing Bonefishing Key Largo
Flats fishing guides in Key Largo that specialize in bonefishing charters. 4, 6, and 8 hour trips for 2 persons or less. Fly fishing available.
Shark Fishing Shark Fishing Key Largo
Shark fishing in Key Largo is as good as it gets anywhere in the Florida Keys. Go toe to toe with one of our shallow water monsters.

Stuff To Do

Activities in Key Largo consist of snorkeling and diving. John Penecamp State Park is right there and boats can take you to the reef for a low per person price.

For information and personal touch call 1-800-477-4188 we are happy to help!

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