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Tarpon Fishing
Florida Keys and Key West

The biggest draw to the Florida Keys from one single species of fish might be the Atlantic Tarpon. Fishermen come from all over the world to chase these extremely aggressive, aerobatic, and very powerful sport fish.

Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys and Key West is addictive, empowering and humbling all at once.

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Tarpon fishing is exciting and thrilling. Everyone can do it.
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Tarpon Fishing Charters

We offer tarpon fishing charters in all parts of the Florida Keys and Key West including Islamorada, Key Largo and Marathon. 4, 6, and 8 hour tarpon fishing trips are available to you from any of these destinations. Departure times vary depending on anglers time availability matched with tides and conditions. Many of our tarpon fishing guides offer night and early morning trips to enhance the tarpon fishing opportunities during the summer.

The Florida Keys has tarpon fishing charters that fish the flats, backcountry, fly fishing, light tackle and larger boats for chumming for tarpon.

Our professional fishing guides carry 2, 4 or up to 6 persons depending if it is a flats boat, a bay boat or a larger center console. We leave the choice up to our fishermen based on their needs and budget.

Tarpon Fishing By Region
Tarpon Fishing Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Islamorada
Guides, charters and information about Islamorada tarpon Fishing. The sport fishing capitol.
Call 1-305-394-7299
Tarpon Fishing Key Largo Tarpon Fishing Key Largo
The first island in fishing for tarpon. Tropical island just 1 hour from Miami.
Call 1-305-394-7299
Tarpon Fishing Marathon Tarpon Fishing Marathon
Middle Keys afford ability makes tarpon fishing here a bit easier on the wallet, and big on fun meter.
Call 1-305-394-7299
Tarpon Fishing Key West Tarpon Fishing Key West
Key West, year round tarpon fishing and around the clock island life make for a fun fishing adventure.
Call 1-888-362-3474

Florida Keys Tarpon Season

The Florida Keys and Key West are one of the few places in the world that can boast a year round tarpon fishery. That said, there are times when tarpon are more prevalent than others and weather dictates the availability greatly. To truly get a grip on what we expect to have for tarpon fishing while you might be visiting the Florida Keys or Key West, make a call to our offices for an up to minute report or check out our fishing reports found at the bottom of this page.

Tarpon season traditionally starts in the Florida Keys Mid February and goes through July. This is typically when an angler can call and book a "tarpon fishing" charter with any one of our expert fishing guides and expect to have some honest shots. The early fish are what we call Gulf fish, the tarpon that show up in April are the Migratory fish. Both the same species but two very different personalities. Calling and asking us what we think is best for your time here will certainly give you a good crystal ball into your plans to catch a tarpon. Early in the season tarpon may be around however a cold front passing through will certainly change the bite and possibly (if cold long enough) the presence of them in the area chosen to fish for them. In any case, our fishing guides are straight forward with their anglers and tell them what the chances are of catching the mighty Silver King and offer other alternatives for the day at hand. Our tarpon fishing guides are all professionals and they know before they even leave the dock what the chances are of seeing, hooking and landing a tarpon that day.


Tarpon Migration

The famous Florida Keys tarpon migration starts in late April. This date can vary with the even of a late winter or early spring. The fish of the migration come up from the south and mingle with our Gulf fish that were here earlier adding to the dynamics of tarpon availability. As the water gets warmer the tarpon will start to show up on the flats and in still backcountry areas as "laid up" fish. this is a great time of the year to sight fish for tarpon with light tackle or fly fishing techniques.

All In One Fishing Charters

As the year wears on and the summer gets hotter, tarpon fishing is best done early in the morning or late in the evening. We offer tarpon fishing charters to best suit the needs of our tarpon fishing anglers. In the summer many of our fishermen opt for our All In Wonder charters that offer a good section of the fishing charter focused on tarpon as well as other species in the shallows such as permit or bonefish. A great way to split up a day and offer some diversity to an anglers catch bag. When calling ask about the possibilities of an "All In Wonder" experience for your time here.

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Our Standards

Anglers deserve the very best that the Florida Keys and Key West have to offer for their fishing days on the water. While we cannot guarantee the fishing we do promise top notch professionalism, customer service and updated equipment on every fishing charter. Learn More about our standards....