Florida Keys and Key West Fishing
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Islamorada The sport fishing capitol of the world

Islamorada Fishing

The 4 Keys that make up Islamorada sit in the middle of three distinct bodies of water. The Atlantic Ocean gets all of the press but there is Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico on the "backside" of the islands to take into account!  Having these three different marine eco systems as neighbors makes for a target rich world class sport fishing environment.

  Florida keys and Key West Fishing

Key Largo Fishing is amazing. Explore it all right here with us. Our fishing guides and charters are all professionals.


Islamorada Fishing Charters

   Islamorada's fishing fleet is as diverse as the fishery the surrounds this island chain!  Whether you seek a party boat or a Deep sea trolling boat on the Atlantic to the skinny water technical poling skiffs that stalk the flats of the backcountry we have the right trip for you. 

From Family Fun Fishing to Fly Fishing for Tarpon on the flats to the backcountry of the Everglades National Park, we have a great day waiting for you. Blue water action for Sailfish and Mahi-mahi requires experienced Captains and crews and we work with the best out there.  

More about Islamorada Fishing

   If highly technical sight fishing with an 8 wt fly rod is your thing, its here.  The challenge of playing an 80 pound Sailfish to boat side for a quick release on 12 pound spinning gear is the ultimate offshore quest for some anglers and it awaits you offshore.  But that is just the beginning, being shallow minded is how many guides make a living here in Islamorada, stalking permit, tarpon and bonefish on light tackle spin and fly gear in 2 feet of water.  Your lifetime of fishing adventures can start here in the Florida Keys and Islamorada offers Captains and Guides that will take you from baby steps to epic battles and every fish in between.  New fishermen find the Backcountry fishing and Family fishing charters that we offer to be the perfect introduction for them and their families.  The gentle guidance and comfortable surroundings that are found on a Bay Boat charter is the perfect way to get kids started on a long tradition of go fishing on family outings.  

About the Fish

The list of fish that are available to an angler is as thick as a city telephone book! and that's just an estimate!  Due to the lay out of the Islands of Islamorada and the water that surround them it is possible to pursue piscatorial delights upon all three bodies of water in the same day from the same boat.  Really!  It is possible to chase Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi-mahi and a wide variety of reef fish in the morning on Atlantic waters then run under one of the many bridges that connect the Keys to one another, Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico are right in front of you and the fish are ready.  Redfish, Snook, Sea Trout, Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit are just the tip of the iceberg as far as what you will encounter out on these bodies of water. 
   So from the blue water to the back water and every fish in between Islamorada should fit the billfish!

Types Of Fishing out of Islamorada

Flats fishing Islamorada on both the near shore flats and deep into the backcountry will offer any skill level a challenging time on the water.  The flats that surround Islamorada hold Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish and a short ride into the backcountry and offers Redfish, Snook, Shark, Sea Trout and Tarpon fishing on the vast grass flats found there.  Tarpon fishing for many starts here in Islamorada.  The channels that separate the Keys from one another are huge buffets for Tarpon!  Each tide brings bait fish, shrimp and crabs past the huge schools of Tarpon that set up camp there every Spring.  This is where many people get "hooked" on Tarpon fishing or more to the point Tarpon fighting!  When the season is in full swing your guide will be refer to any Tarpon that doesn't tip the scales over the 100 pound mark as a guppy!
   Backcountry fishing is a term used here in the Keys to describe the vast expanse of water that lays on the "backside" of the Keys.  The water of the backcountry averages 3 feet deep and is a mix of mud and grass flats, long slender banks and Mangrove islands that border deeper lakes or basins.  This waterscape is varied and holds too many species of fish to list here, but to say that you will keep a bent fishing rod and very busy is no fish tale.  The rank beginner to the most ardent of fly fishermen enjoy hooking up in the backcountry.  Bay boats are a very popular way to explore the backcountry.  A bay boat is a 20 to 24 foot long, shallow drafting boat that easily seats 4 adults and a guide.  The bay boat offers a safe, drive and very comfortable ride and the wide open decks and casting areas make for the perfect platform from which you and your group or family can enjoy hours of fishing fun. 
Comfort is key to a great day on the water and the stability of the bay boat design along with the shallow protected waters of the backcountry work together to ensure the day is one for the memories.      

  For the family fun fishing trips we offer the calm waters of the Florida Keys are a great place to introduce both young and older people to the fun of fishing.  Family Fun Fishing is just that a fun day of catching fish and making memories.  First time fishermen find themselves at ease on the larger more stable Bay boats that we use for these trips.  Fun trips are about hooking up as many fish and a wide variety of fish in a laid back and very relaxed manor.  The Captains and Guides on these trips realize that they are working with "newbies" to the sport and are ready to take plenty of time introducing these people to the amazing world that awaits them.  The boat becomes a classroom for anyone wanting to learn, from knots to lure and bait selection and of course the art of casting, hooking and fighting a fish to boat side will be taught to all who would like to learn.  For the smaller future anglers the fishing rods are scaled down to ensure a comfortable fit for hours of fishing fun.  Family Fun trips can go to the reefs, the backcountry or the Gulf of Mexico and they are offer as 4 - 6 - 8 hour trips.  

Types Of Fishing We Offer
Deep Sea fishing Florida keys and Key West Deep Sea Fishing in Islamorada
The sport fishing fleet is at your finger tips for blue water trolling and reef fishing here in the Florida Keys. Boats Cary 6 or less.
Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Charters Backcountry Fishing In islamorada
Go Fishing in the shallows of the Florida Keys backcountry waters. Easy going and fun this is the most popular fishing trip in the Florida Keys.
flats fishing guides of the Florida Keys Flats Fishing In Islamorada
Sight fishing with spin gear or fly rod, your choice. This technical fishing trip will take you to your hunting limits.
  Wreck and Reef Light Tackle Fishing

Versatile fishing charter that pushes the limits on sport fishing. Go fast center console boats take you to where the fish are.

fun fishing flrorida keys Fun Fishing Islamorada
Get the whole group involved. Fun fishing is all about FUN! Catch whatever is biting big or small and have a blast.
  Tarpon Fishing Islamorada
Fish for tarpon out of Key Largo, Florida with the professional tarpon fishing guides. Early morning, day, evening and night trips are available.
  Bonefishing Islamorada
Flats fishing guides in Key Largo that specialize in bonefishing charters. 4, 6, and 8 hour trips for 2 persons or less. Fly fishing available.
  Shark Fishing Islamorada
Shark fishing in Key Largo is as good as it gets anywhere in the Florida Keys. Go toe to toe with one of our shallow water monsters.


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