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Bay Boats

Bay boats arrived on the scene around 2003. As the quality in trolling motors improved bay boats found their way into the shallow water arena as a stealth alternative to flats fishing over the flats boat. Due to afford ability of the fishing charters, ability to carry up to 4 persons Bay boats have fast become the main vehicles for fishing charters in the Florida Keys and Key West.

The guiding advantages of bay boats are. The ability to work with the client on a one on one base. The fishing guide can be up close and ready to help at a moments notice for the anglers while they fish. Teaching clients how to use spin fishing tackle and fly fishing casting techniques is easier in a bay boat as apposed to a flats fishing boat.

Versatility is enormous. Bay boats can fish in 12 inches of water for tailing fish on the flats one minute and then off to the shallow wrecks and reefs the next. Tarpon fishing is bay boats is the way to go. Electric trolling motors make for a huge advantage when tarpon fishing as the fishing guide can stay right on the fish giving his angler the most opportunities to catch fish for his dollar spent.

The physical advantages of the bay boat are more room, ability to fish with larger casting deck area. Also ability to fish with only one person and up to 4 persons. Some bay boats boast bathrooms in the center console areas making a nice feature for those that need such a feature.


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