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Tarpon Fishing Key West, Florida

Key West
Tarpon Fishing

Aerobatic, powerful, spastic and powerful are all great ways to describe a tarpon when he is hooked up and headed out.

Tarpon fishing in Key West is a way of life for our fishing guides and a year in and year out pass time for our anglers.

Hire a professional tarpon fishing guide.

  Tarpon fishing Key West
Tarpon fishing is critical to have an experienced fishing guide. Give us a call and we will set you up with one.

Many ways to Fish

In Key West there are many ways to go fishing for tarpon. We fish for them on the flats, in the backcountry and the harbor. Each one of these areas are unique to themselves in environment and tarpon behavior.

We fish for tarpon in Key West with live bait, fly fishing, chumming techniques and artificial baits.

The boats we use vary from our center consoles to bay boats and flats boats. Your choice we have professional tarpon fishing guides that fish them all.

Key West tarpon Fishing Charters

You can take 2, 4, and 6 people on our boats depending on the size of the boat. We recommend not more than 4 anglers on any one tarpon fishing charter.

We have tarpon fishing charters that depart every day offering 4, 6, and 8 hour trips. It is highly recommended that you make advanced bookings for the Spring.

To book a charter with our guides just call our office and speak to "Island Genn". She will hook you up with one of our pro guides for you days in Key West.



About Key West Tarpon Fishing

Key West tarpon fishing has become a year round event. When the weather is warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the late summer tarpon come into our shallows and feed. That said the best season in Key West for tarpon fishing is March through June for best most consistent results.

Fly fishermen wishing to challenge the silver king should look at May and June as the best times to come fly fishing for tarpon.

Flats Fishing For tarpon

Get shallow and sight fish for tarpon out of Key West while flats fishing for the Key West grand slam. Our tarpon fishing flats guides are pros at putting you in the shallows and on the fish day in and day out. Using state of the art flats fishing boats the stealth approach to fishing is an incredible experience.

Harbor Chumming For Tarpon

Larger center console boats are a great tool for this fun way to hook up on a tarpon. The captains know right where to go to get these fish to come right up to the back of the boat. Cut bait and some live bait tactics are involved here. Hook up ratio is strong so having 4 or 6 anglers is ok as when the bite is on everyone has a chance to hook up.

All skill levels and ages are welcome here as there is plenty of instruction. Prices vary depending on the size of the boat and number of people on the charter.

Please call 1-888-362-3474 for more details.

Fly Fishing For Tarpon

Skill level of 3 or better is required for this type of fishing for tarpon. Anglers must be able to withstand heat, and sight fishing techniques that may have periods of no casting between fish. In other words you cant get bored. One angler is best and two is ok as well if anglers can swap out deck time. Only one angler can fish at a time.

The fishing guides that we use for fly fishing for tarpon are highly specialized, please call us for details on who we think might be best for you. 1-888-362-3474


Backcountry Fishing for Tarpon

Our most popular way to fish for tarpon in Key West. We use our bay boats equipped with trolling motors. With these boats we are able to stay on top of the backcountry tarpon with ease. Keeping our anglers always within a cast to these fish especially during the season. Live bait, fly fishing and artificial are the techniques used on this trip. Any skill level is acceptable and all ages are welcome.

Do More Than just tarpon fishing

Our backcountry fishing guides are also able to show you a whole another world out there for fishing after the tarpon bite. With these state of the art bay boats you can fish the shallows of the flats and backcountry waters for many other species on our All In Wonder Backcountry fishing charter to get the most out of your day.

Key West Tarpon fishing rates

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Who are we?

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