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Flats Fishing Key West, Florida

Key West Flats Fishing

The flats of Key West await. Miles and miles of them. Pristine, calm, clear and full of life They seemingly go on for ever.

The Key West grand slam consists of a tarpon, a bonefish, and a permit all in one outing. This can happen almost year round.

An amazing unspoiled fishery with very talented fishing guides ready to take you there.

  flats fishing Key West, Florida
Flats fishing our of Key West is incredible. The permit capitol of the world. call to get with one of our professional flats guides.

The backcountry waters of Key West hold an estuary of fish that will amaze you. All the way down in Key West there is less boat traffic and fishing pressure so our flats are incredibly healthy and full of fish. The turtle grass and flat grass are abundant and key features that make for healthy flats.

There are so many dynamics to flats fishing here in Key West it is hard to put it in text. Sight fishing is the name of the game, Key West has possibly the best sight fishing destination on the planet.

Couple the great fishing up with a silent approach to sight seeing and you have a multi sensational fishing charter.

About Key West Flats Fishing Charters

Departing out of Key West we have 4, 6, and 8 hour charters aboard traditional flats fishing boats that fish not more than 2 anglers for fly fishing or light tackle spin fishing. We also offer sight fishing flats trips on our more stable fishing platform bay boats for not more than 3 anglers. There are advantages to both. Best thing to do is call and see which is right for you. Flats fishing on a flats boat should be considered a skill level of 3 - 5.

To book a charter with our guides just call our office and speak to "Island Genn". She will hook you up with one of our pro guides for your days in Key West.



  Key West Flats fishing   Key West flats fishing   Flats fishing Key West  

What's the Draw to Flats fishing?

First off its incredibly peaceful, pretty and exciting all at once. Flats anglers enjoy being able to see it all. See the bottom, see the grasses and see the fish they are going to catch. Sight fishing takes on a whole new approach when on the flats. Not only is it hard to sight the fish as they blend into the bottom around them, add the challenge of casting to them with incredible accuracy. It certainly steps up the game of fishing.

Many anglers enjoy the hunting feature of the flats fishing using the fishing rod and bait, lure or fly as the gun and ammo.

The Fish of the backcountry

Starting off the "big three" the Key West grand slam is tarpon, permit and bonefish. Back in the day we used to consider mutton snapper in the slam but until recently they were not enough in numbers to be consistent. Now, the fishery here in Key West has gone crazy and we have even more consistent species than ever. Add redfish, from October through April redfish have been part of our days here. The Red Bone slam of redfish, tarpon, and bonefish has been a reality for many anglers this year. Also add the beginning of what we think is a snook population. Mostly held in the upper Florida Keys flats and backcountry fishing the snook are making an appearance here in Key West on the flats and in the backcountry more and more expanding our sport fishing list even further.

When talking about Key West flats fishing I love to bring up barracudas. They are plenty and fun as heck to catch on the flats. All winter, spring and summer long these fish lay in the shallow flats on ambush mode. We spot them toss a plug or fly to them and watch all hell break lose. The barracudas range from 3 to 25 lbs on the flats. These fish are rockets and extremely unpredictable and almost as aerobatic as a tarpon when hooked in shallow water.

The bonefishing in Key West is easy in one respect and can be difficult in another. Easy to catch bonefish on the edges and in the deeper 3 - 5 ft. range as we have a population of fish swarming around Key West that enjoy this depth. On the flats anglers enjoy a great bonefishing population that is a bit more educated and harder to catch. Your choice, our guides know the fish very well and how to get you one. Bonefishing is also one of our specialty species here in this web site.

Permit fishing is what Key West is most noted for when it comes to the world class flats fishing. Tailing conditions can be found at any minute of the day with our crazy tide dynamics here. Whatever tide our experienced flats fishing guides want they can have and any time of the day just by running a short distance to find it. Permit are awesome fighters, great hunting query and amazing fish to occupy an anglers mind for many many seasons. Without a doubt this writers favorite fish to fish for.


Tarpon are a staple here in Key West. On the flats they are fantastic targets for fly fishermen during the migration starting in late March lasting through June. Found along the edges of the flats the channels of the backcountry also hold tarpon almost year round weather permitting. See more about our Key West tarpon fishing as it is one of our specialty fishing charters.

There are many other species of fish to hunt in Key West on the flats. This was just the trophy list. Give us a call directly and speak to a person who knows flats fishing in Key West very well to discover your possibilities during the time you will be here.

What should we bring and wear

Travel light and cover up. The flats boats have limited dry storage for personal items such as cameras, wallets, purses and dry bags. Don't forget to bring; camera, food, beverages (besides bottled waters), sunscreen.

Clothing should be light colored and long sleeves are recommended for those lighter skinned or sun sensitive. Hats and polarized glasses are critical. Many captains will not allow dark soled or hard soled shoes on their boats. Crocs are considered dangerous by some and not welcomed. Tennis shoes, heeled sandals, and boat shoes are welcomed. Flip flops OK, but not recommended.

Key West Flats fishing rates

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What is included.

The Key West flats fishing charters include the following items; Bottled water, ice, fishing gear, tackle, bait, lures, licenses, and patient instruction.

Who are we?

The Keys To Key West Inc. We pioneered finding a fishing charter on the internet in Key West. We are currently the largest outfitter for fishing charters in the Florida Keys and Key West. It has been our business to bring anglers and fishing guides together since 1998 custom tailoring fishing charters for visiting anglers from Key Largo To Key West. .

We help each client personally find a fishing charter, accommodations and whatever else they will need here during their stay in Key West.

Make the call and we answer. Learn more about us...