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Shark Fishing Islamorada, Florida Keys

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing in Islamorada offers challenges for all anglers of any skill level. Offered all year long in all of the beautiful waters that surround the island chain. The best fun can be had in the knee deep shallows of the backcountry waters of the Everglades National Park.

There is somthing to be said for sight fishing a 300lb terrorist.

  Islamorada Shark Fishing
Shark Fishing is a great way to enjoy your fishing day with big fish and fun fights.

Shark Fishing out of Islamorada is also done offshore in the blue waters of the Gulf Stream with heavy gear looking for the big boys.

Light tackle fishing for sharks takes a talented fishing guides, a great fishing platform with excellent durable tackle and very good shark fishing spots. Islamorada and the Everyglades National Park are notorious for excellent shark fishing and the guides that live here are consumate professionals.

Anyone can fish for sharks here in Islamorada all ages and all skill levels are welcome. We custom tailer the experience to fit you.

Islamorada Shark Fishing Charters

Shark fishing charters in Islamorada are offered as 4 - 6 - 8 hour trips. We offer charters on flats boats, bay boats, large center console boats and fully appointed offshore 40 foot or bigger sport fishing boats. It all depends on how you want to fish and where you want to fish. Due to the diversity of the overall fishery here in Islamorada you can either target sharks through out your charter or you can choose to battle a few monsters and then move on to another species. The possibilities are endless and the adventure begins as soon as you leave the dock!

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What's the Draw to Islamorada Shark fishing?

Shark fishing appeals to so many people in so many ways. The biggest appeal has to the fight. When your fishing gear is matched to the fish that you are looking for the fight is well balanced and a challenge. You guide or captain will match your gear to the fish and the fight is on! Secondly sharks are readily available here in the Florida Keys, from small 5-10 pound sharks on the flat to true sea monsters and every size in between, you can find a shark to pick a fight with. Finally its a fact that sharks can be very aggressive and explosive on the strike. They are eager to take a wide variety of lures, baits and flies so all skill levels of fishermen can enjoy the sport of shark fishing and fighting. Shark fishing in Islamorada is very popular and the professional guides and captains here are happy to show you a great day on the water looking for your own "Jaws" experience! All it takes is a simple phone call to the staff at The Keys to Key West inc. to get started on your adventure.

More about Shark Fishing

Shallow water fishing for sharks is a blast! In the clear shallow waters of the Florida Keys a large shark such as 150 pound Bull shark will stand out like a Trident submarine as it swims up behind you boat. Here you can choose to throw this apex predator a fly, a top water plug or a one pound jack and try to entice a bite out of him. Sight fishing for sharks this way will make memories that will last a life time! Standing on the deck of a professionally rigged bay boat or skiff and watching these magnificent animals approach is an angling challenge that you have to experience. These beasts found up on the flat as well as patrolling the deeper edges through out the day are wary and can be as hard to get to strike as a Bonefish or Tarpon, but then again they will also jump on any offering you throw them at times like a linebacker on a fumbled football. You never know and that is what is so great about shark fishing in Islamorada!
While fishing in the backcountry waters of the Everglades National Park many times you will drift the deep channels and basins casting baits and lures for Sea Trout, Redfish, Snook and other fun fighting fish and your guide will drift a large live bait out behind the boat on a shark rig. In no time at all you can be fighting a large Bull, Lemon or Blacktip shark. This will keep you busy for hours catching the many different species of backcountry fish while waiting for the next sea monster to strike.



On the blue water side of the island chain large sharks patrol from the deep drop off on the reef to well out into the deep water of Gulf Stream current. Big Bulls, Hammerheads, Blacktips and Lemon sharks are found year round here, sharks like Tiger and Mako show up at different times of the year and are prized for their fight. Many times these large sharks will literally show up at the back of your boat as you are fighting other fish and they become targets of opportunity, this is another time when you see the value of a professional fishing guide and captain. The crews of the fishing charters here in the Florida Keys are top notch teams that keep their boats and fishing rigs in the best of condition. This ensures that you will have a fighting chance at landing and releasing a shark to brag about later.

Islamorada Shark Fishing Rates Backcountry

The Rates Below Are For Two People.
On board our Bay Boats or Flats boats
16 - 20 Ft Flats Boats..... and....... 21 - 24 Ft Bay Boats
4 hr half day rates are just $ 425.00
6 hr 3/4 Day rates are just $ 525.00
8 hr Full day rates are just $ 625.00
Each additional person up to 4 $ 25.00
Rates are for all types of inshore, backcountry and flats fishing. Spin fishing and fly fishing as well.


What should we Bring On a Shark Fishing Charter?

We reccomend that you bring a hat, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses whatever you wish to eat or drink.

What is supplied on a Shark Fishing Charter?

We supply bottled waters, all your fishing equipment, fishing licences, a great boat to fish from and everything you will need.

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