Sport Fishing Boats
Deep Sea Fishing Florida Keys and Key West
Sport Fishing Boats of the Florida Keys and Key West

Deep sea fishing boats come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of amenities to chose from. Prices of these boats range accordingly with additional amenities and length.

Ranging in Length from 38 - 53 feet long. Sport fishing boats are designed to take the high seas on with confidence. Anyone booking a deep sea fishing charter should know that the rougher it is, the better the fishing can be (within reason) and these boats are made to handle it.

The longer boats tend to ride a little better due to the length and the weight. The shorter boats are more versatile in their fishing techniques.

Some boats have tuna towers and some don't. Tuna towers are for the captain to get up super high and see fish in the trolling spread. Here in the Florida Keys the tuna towers are not used a whole lot as the visibility from the bridge in the boat is sufficient. But tuna towers are very cool looking and offer a visual appeal many customers enjoy.

Air conditioning is something that some of the boats have and many do not. When you call to book your day of deep sea fishing make sure you mention the need for a/c for you trip to be pleasurable. The a/c boats are usually a bit more expensive. Summers can be hot out there, winter a/c is generally not needed.

All of our deep sea boats have bathrooms and shaded areas.

Tipping procedure on a deep sea fishing boat is up to you. Generally an 18-20% rule of thumb is followed. It is not considered rude to ask how the tips are split up between captain and mate to help in your assessment. Customer service as always dictates tip level. No crew should be rewarded for bad customer service.. By the same token, no crew should be held responsible for bad day of fishing as long as they worked hard and you had fun.


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