Skill Level

Fishing Skill Levels

It may be difficult to understand what fishing charter can require more of an angler than another. We hope this little guide will help anglers understand what will be expected of them in a day on the water with one of our professional fishing guides. If we know your capabilities, You WILL have a much better day.

Level 5

This is the highest level of light tackle angler. Angler must be proficient with the gear his charter is going to use. In casting he is capable of hitting a target within 45 ft. of his standing with 6 - 10 inches of accuracy. Mainly a flats fishing sight fishing requirement to be successful on a flats fishing trip that may be fishing for the grand slam. Offshore he is capable of pitching live bait, lifting heavy fish with light tackle and casting larger spin rods. This angler is very self sufficient and great listener.

Level 4

This angler has a good grasp on light tackle. Listens to the fishing guide well and has a few good techniques down. This angler is self sufficient and capable of casting, hook setting and fighting fish pretty well.

Level 3

Level 3 is a mid level that has fished a few times on charter and knows the game pretty well. Still learning some finer points of casting and fish fighting techniques. Has learned that listening to the fishing guide will help his day. Holds a spin fishing rod correctly.

Level 2

New to salt water. Needs instruction but has fished back home a time or two with buddies or grandpa. Knows what a rod and reel are and has a desire to learn.

Level 1

Never fished before but it sure looks fun.

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