Fly Fishing Skill Level

Fly Fishing Skill Levels

Fly fishing in salt water on the flats or on the deep waters of the ocean requires a pretty good skill set. Double hauling and ability to cast in wind conditions with distance can be critical to your success as an angler here in the Florida Keys and Key West.

Below we have set up a step ratio of skill levels to compare to the fly fishing charters that we offer to help you get the best experience possible with the experience in fishing that you bring to the table.

Level 5

Pinpoint accuracy at distances of 50 + feet. Strong double hauling and able to cast primary fly line in two false casts. Able to go from "fly in hand" to casting in one false cast. Great presentation with superb line control. Great listening skills. No instruction needed.

Level 4

Casting ability of 50+ feet with decent presentation. Good understanding of double haul technique. Great listener and good at taking direction for improvements. 3 false casts to get it done. Fly in hand technique almost mastered. Not much instruction needed.

Level 3

Still learning double haul technique. Great caster back home in the rivers. Can cast 50+ most of the time. Open to instruction and great listener. Can function in the wind. could use some instruction.

Level 2

Still learning fundamentals of fly fishing. A good cast every now and then. Can stream fish a little. Double haul is foreign technique. Need instruction.

Level 1

Completely new to fly fishing. Looks like fun, let's try it. Need instruction. Maybe no fishing experience at all.

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