About Flats Fishing Boats
Flats Fishing Boats

Stealth, quiet, shallow, agile, and small are all ways to describe a flats fishing boat or "flats skiff".

Flats boats carry not more than 2 persons at a time to fish the shallow waters of the Florida Keys and Key West flats.

Your flats guide is very well versed in all forms of tackle used to catch his professional grand slam of shallow water "flats" fishing species.

Equiped with a push pole and a poling platform flats fishing guides use the height of the platform to have an advantage looking down into the water to see the query his angler will be casting for. The higher the angle of view the easier it is to see into the water and sight the fish for his angler.

Flats fishing boats are made in sizes ranging from 16 - 20 ft. the larger the boat the more room. the smaller the boat the less amount of water or (draft) it takes to float the boat. Smaller skiffs are considered to be "technical" flats boats. This usually means very light and extremely shallow drafted. Technical skiffs are great for flats fishing for super shallow water species such as tailing bonefish or deep backcountry redfish that get into the shallowest of waters.

When choosing a flats boat to hire make sure that there is an understanding of what kind of boat the fishing guide you have chosen uses. Smaller skiffs may not be suitable for big guys with balance issues, and larger skiffs may not be suitable for anglers desiring a "technical" advantage. Most guides fishing flats boats use boats in the 17 and 18 ft range as these boats are the best for all round applications.

18 and 20 ft flats boats can be used and occasionally get used for fishing as many as 3 persons. By nature, flats fishing is tough to have three people fishing at the same time, especially on a flats boat. If you have three people, please look into the Bay Boat option to achieve your best results for your day on the water.


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