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Split or Per Head Fishing Charters

A split fishing charter is where the 6 seats that are available are individually sold to different anglers.

This is a very affordable way to experience deep sea fishing in the Florida Keys and Key West.

Split - shared or per head charters for deep sea fishing are usually sold in 4 or 8 hour trips with the occasional 6 hour option trip to join up on.

Advantages of Split Charters

Save money. Full day private charters on sportfishing boats for deep sea fishing can run $ 1100.00 and go up depending on the sportfishing boat you chose. Shared or split charters run $250.00 for the full day and less for 4 hours.

Meet new people and enjoy the day on a boat.

Diss - advantages vantages

Fishing with 5 other strangers.

Taking turns on the rods that catch fish.


Booking split charters are tough. Not enough people to go and the deep sea fishing boat will not go out. This can be troublesome. We try and get around that by our volume of people we deal with and the help and cooperation of the boats that we book. Patience and understanding is a virtue with booking a split charter. You and trying to save money and we are trying to get you out there.

How To Book A Split Fishing Charter

Call our office. 1-888-362-3474 we have pools we put together with several different boats to make up split charter groups.

There is no one in the Florida Keys or Key West that offers this service. We can almost guarantee you will get on a boat to go fishing.

If we do not get you on a boat there is no charge of deposit. You have nothing to lose unless you don't show up.


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